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Little Red Jumpsuit Foundation Scholarships!

A Note from Kimberly Roberts and The Little Red Jumpsuit Foundation...

Thank you to the girls and women of all ages who applied for the four Little Red Jumpsuit Foundation Scholarships and congratulations to our 

Scholarship Recipients.  

Special thanks to our friends at Crumley Roberts and at The Red Affect Boutique who have supported us each step of the way! I am also so grateful to our 

Little Red Jumpsuit Foundation Volunteers: 

Beverly Sanders, Lauren Watson, Tina Johnson, Lynn Johnson, Jim Turner,

Chris Roberts, Matthew Roberts and Eli Roberts.

With love and thanks!

Kimberly Roberts


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Celebrating Women and Living in Red...

A Love Note to Women...

"Red is a way of life.  It is the color of love and of passion, but also represents power, good luck, revolution and change.  Every choice we have made, as women and as human beings, helped bring us to where we are today and it is never too late to celebrate those choices or to begin moving in a new direction.  At The Red Affect Boutique and on The Little Red Jumpsuit Tour, living in red means continuing to move forward on our journeys as women who bring so much joy to the lives of others secure in a life that is rich with passion and rooted in purpose.  Only then, can we know and experience true joy in our own lives. In the end, our lives are simply a collection of what we have shared with others and what we have allowed them to share with us. My hope for you is that you will always choose to keep moving forward, will choose to walk in faith and not in fear, will choose to share your story to inspire and help others, will choose to accept help from others when you need it, will choose to feel true passion for your life and for those who are a part of it, will choose to recognize and celebrate your beauty and your worth, will choose to see the best in yourself and others, will choose to live your purpose, will choose to share fun and will choose to find and spread joy.  My hope is that you will choose to Live in Red!  Once you make that choice, you have been affected.  Life is different - more passionate, more purposeful and more joyful.  That is The Red Affect."   

-Kimberly Sanders Roberts

The Red Affect Boutique, owner, and

Little Red Jumpsuit Foundation, creator